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Renewables and Emerging Technologies — Advanced Energy Research Facility opens

We are investing $35 million toward a five-year project that could prove that one person’s garbage is another person’s energy source; including $29 million toward a large-scale demonstration “waste-to-value-added” facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, which would enable the City of Edmonton to increase its residential waste diversion rate to 90% and demonstrate the Government of Alberta’s commitment to energy innovation. In addition, an $11 million Advanced Energy Research Facility (AERF) has been built with joint funding from AI-EES and the City of Edmonton.  This unique facility offers research and development capabilities to test diverse feedstocks for gasification and production of higher value fuels from syngas.

 AERF welcomes top researchers from Alberta, Canada and around the world who are involved in the development and demonstration of innovative technologies aimed at converting residual biomass into biofuels and green chemicals.

 “It’s designed to be plug and play. This means, researchers – local entrepreneurs, university researchers or international players – can come and test their processes at this facility in real time with actual feedstocks like municipal solid waste, waste plastics, wood by-products or other biomass streams.”
Dr. Eddy Isaacs, CEO,
Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions